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- Complete bumper to bumper service and restoration on British cars.


- Complete electrical service. Everything including Harness replacement.


- Complete motor rebuilding and modification.


- Transmission rebuilding , complete suspension maintenance and re bushing.


- Complete rotisserie body panel replacement and media blasting.


- Complete Waxoyl® service


- Painting in our California made A.F.C. paint booth with Sata® spray equipment  & PPG®  paint products.


- Complete upholstery, interiors, tops, tonneau etc.


- Pressure washing, brake drum and rotor turning.


- MIG. TIG. Arc welding and plasma cutting.


- Body ash wood replacement and leading.


- Wheels and tire mounting and balancing.


- Cooling system power flush.


- Custom spun aluminum panels, wrinkle finish, louvers etc.


- Leyland British has a very large selection of original factory Churchill® tools, and the factory BL training course.


From a customer in Stony Brook, NY

"I just want to let you know how satisfied I am with the restoration you did on my TR-3A."


"Threw a clutch slave in KPT this morning. AAA towed me to Erick's shop, a place I've driven by 100 times over the years. He pulls in @ 0945, introduces himself, and tells me he has the parts and will have me back on the road in a jiffy. As he choreographed cars and clients coming and going, sharing anecdotes and wisdom along the way, he repaired the slave, tested it, and sent me on my way! Sure glad to have found him some 200 miles from my home in RI!"


"I bought a '78 Triumph Spitfire 1500 from a used car dealer, and insisted upon the car having an inspection sticker before closing the sale. The dealer had no idea how to fix the non-working directionals or where to get a soft top when it came time to lift off the removable hardtop. But he knew of Leyland British and agreed to pay " 'whatever they need to get you a sticker'."


"So I drove to Leyland British and met Erick Van Sickle. He tested and then repaired the directional wiring, improved the handbrake's operation, and checked out the wheels and suspension. The car passed its inspection easily."


"When spring rolled around I wanted to remove the factory hardtop and enjoy the sunshine, Erick came up with a freshly-painted used top frame and installed a brand new top."


"I used the car as a daily driver year round for a 60 mile daily commute. Over a 4 year period, Erick's expertise repaired a broken distributor, frozen wheel bearings, rear hub, a new starter and alternator, and new brake pads." Everything was in stock and the car was ready as promised every time."


"Thank you, Erick, for outstanding service."

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